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  6. Receive rental requests by text and email
  7. Approve request and schedule exchange. (No worries, your item is covered up to $2000.)
  8. Arrange for item return.
  9. Money is directly deposited to your bank account.
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  1. Browse the site for the item you need.
  2. Choose the dates you need the item and enter payment info (we’re 100% secure, lenders never see your payment info).
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  4. Schedule delivery/meet-up/pickup.
  5. Enjoy your rental item.
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Become A Lender

At anyone can be a lender. From an individual with a power washer to a company with thousands of items available. Even non-profit organizations can use our system to raise money for their cause.

Benefits & Features

Our Guard Llama Guarantee

We cover all items up to $2,000. If someone damages your item, just let us know. We will replace the item or pay you the items value. Either way, you’re covered.

Community Accountability

Most people are honest and responsible, but you can’t be too safe. Our user rating system allows you to see and leave feedback on other users.

Extra Money

Since your rental items are covered, you have nothing to worry about. Simply make extra income by lending your stuff out. Talk about win-win.

Track Your Stuff

See your inventory online from anywhere. We keep track of how many views your item is getting and, how often it’s rented out, and how much each item has earned.

Increase Global Sustainability

The sharing economy is on the rise. Now it’s just as easy to borrow as it is to buy something new. It’s good for the planet and your wallet!

Free Help from the Rent Llama Team

Not sure what to rent out? Not sure how much to charge? We’re here to help. Just reach out to our team and we’ll help with any issues you’re having. We don’t succeed unless you succeed.

Additional Benefits for Businesses & Organizations


Free SEO Boost

Being seen on Google is important. Having all or part of your inventory on Rent Llama helps you get found, and adding a free link to your website boosts your search ranking.

Free Advertising

We are constantly using social media and paid search to bring new customers to our site. No more paying for website traffic - we’re already doing it.

Our Team is Your Team

Just think of our staff as part of your team. Need help taking better photos? Want advice on how to get more exposure to your brand? Just ask! We’re here to help.


Money for Your Organization

All organizations are looking for ways to bring in more donations. Instead of just asking for hand outs, put your organizations stuff to use. Share it for donations!

Expose Your Cause

No matter what your organization is trying to achieve, you can’t help if no one knows about your cause. Getting in front of our audience is free - just list something to share.

Better Events

You probably host fundraising events. Sharing your event items help other non-profits, and building the marketplace makes more items available to host better events for less.

What to Share

Think you don’t have anything to share? Think again! Everyone has something to share. Here are a few common items:






Our Rental Guarantee Shield

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to lenders: All items listed on are protected by our Guard Llama Guarantee. We will repair, replace or refund you for your item if it’s lost, damaged or not returned. Every item is covered up to $2000. Learn More.

How It Works

How It Works

Become a Lender

Become a Lender

Want to Share

What to Share

or Non-Profit?

Business or Non-Profit?